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Sellers Tips

Youve fixed up the curb appeal, youve redecorated the interior what else can you do to sell your home more quickly. How about a little Feng Shui?Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years. Initially this art of placement was used in the Far East as a means of determining the most propitious l [Read More]
Nearly everyone talks about curb appeal for selling a home, but you dont hear so much about interior design tips that can likewise move your house faster. Before spending a fortune on making changes to a house you wont be living in much longer, its important to have a good feel for the potential buy [Read More]
Senses are very important in home selling particularly vision. Believe it or not, many potential home buyers make a choice whether or not to view a house just by taking a drive-by. So if your home lacks that coveted curb appeal its time to get out of the comfortable chair and start looking at how y [Read More]
One part of selling a house that some people overlook in terms of importance is real estate photography. If you look at a lot of the pictures of houses in ads, youll see graininess, blurring, reflections, etc. This really decreases the speed with which you can sell your house. Graininess or blurring [Read More]
Here are a few good reasons to purchase property in Hernando County. With the real estate market blackened in all of Tampa Bay in 2009. Hernando County was one of the counties to take a hard hit. The housing values in Hernando County plummeted 18.8 percent through November 30, well above Tampa Bay& [Read More]
Thinking, I want to sell my home but the property prices are down so low, I should wait until they come back up? Here are 4 good reasons why it is a good time to sell NOW. 1. If you sell low NOW and buy low NOW, you are not really taking a loss if you purchase smartly or even upgrade because it h [Read More]
As a realtor in Hernando County (Spring Hill, Brooksville and Weeki Wachee), Florida, I know that a buyer's first impression does make a difference in their decision to purchase your home or not. There are some tips that are not that costly and which will make a difference in the eyes of the bu [Read More]
To sell your home in today's market, ones home must be accessible. I recently had customers who were interested in an upscale home. The Sellers insisted the listing agent accompany all showings. Since the listing agent was forced to take on a weekly paycheck job due to our economy, the home has [Read More]
An agent in my Brooksville office is trying to set up showings of homes to a prospective buyer for tomorrow. One of the possibly promising listings indicates that in order to show there must be: 24 hour notice, only after 3 p.m.; list agent must be present...wow...that takes a lot of coordination. [Read More]
Many homeowners who wanted to sell decided to paint, freshen the place up and placed their home for sale. Unfortunately, they faced the competition of foreclosures and short sales and now are left with a house that they still can't sell. They then decided to remodel the ktichen and baths and h [Read More]