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Sellers Tips

This list of tips and tricks can help sellers with little ones "Keep Calm and Be Awesome" throughout the selling process.5 Tips for Sellers with Children1. Get ready to PaintIf your child has brightly painted rainbows on their walls in their bedroom, you may want consider re-painting them using a ne [Read More]
Spring is creeping on us pretty quickly this year and with Spring comes Real Estate Season!The mortgage rates are low, the house prices are low and the buyers are getting their paperwork ready!Listen up Sellers, don't underestimate the Buyers this year, although this may be a sellers market, the buy [Read More]
Many people feel uncomfortable going into a strangers bathroom, so when they are checking out the bathroom of a house for sale, they will most likely poke their head in the door, look left, look right and leave. This may take just a few seconds. But let's face it, bathrooms sell houses. A beautiful [Read More]
'Tis the Season!If during the holiday season you have been able to find the time to have an open house the following ideas will not only bring the holidays into the home but will bring the spiritof the season to the potential home buyer as they stroll through the house envisioning the home during th [Read More]
So, you've decided to sell your home and move across the country. Good for you! Be prepared, because prettying up your garden and sticking a sign out front is just not going to cut it in today's competitive real estate market.90% of potential home buyers search the internet FIRST when looking for a [Read More]
When a potential home-buyer is looking for that new dream home, the first thing they might do is check on line to find a home in the area that they are interested that meets their criteria. The next thing they might do is drive by that home and see what it looks like. If that home has trash in the y [Read More]
I was going to write my blog today on sellers tips, when I got to thinking, "I wonder to what extremes will people go to sell their home." Needless to say, my blog has changed for the day, although these are definitely some intriguing selling techniques, I'm not sure I would actually go to the level [Read More]
It has been proven time and time again that most first time home buyers would prefer to purchase a home that is spit shined and ready to move in! Taking a bit of time to spruce up your home before you put it on the market could truly help sell your home that much quicker.1. The first thing to look a [Read More]
Here is a tip for sellers....If you are looking to sell, take a look at the comps in the area. If your same condo or house a few doors down sold for 300k....... There is no need to put your property on the market at 450k. IT WILL NOT SELL! Put youself in the buyers shoes. If you were looking at hous [Read More]
In an effort to aid struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure, JPMorgan Chase & Co and Wells Fargo & Co., are offering short-sale incentives to qualified homeowners. They aren't releasing many of the details; however the buzz throughout Florida is that defaulting homeowners have received between $10,0 [Read More]