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What People Will do to Sell a Home

There was a time when a seller would offer a big screen TV as an incentive to purchase their home. Times have changed and incentives have become much more (cough) inventive.

A Brand New Car

There are certain markets where the gift of a car is the incentive used to reel in the buyers. One Brooklyn Bridge Park offered Audis to anyone that was spending more than $2 million on an apartment. The Z Palm Beach Residences offered a Tesla Model S to home buyers in addition to their new condo.

Paying the Closing Costs

The costs at the end of a real estate sale can definitely get pricey. Between the insurance, escrow, taxes, inspections not to mention the mortgage payments and moving expenses, buyers have every right to get a bit nervous. I can see how relieving a potential buyer of some of these fees and taxes can be a great incentive.

College Tuition

A Fort Lauderdale based company offered to pay four years of college tuition for a child or grandchild to any buyer at the Orchid Grove Town homes. This offer received very little interest and the developer went bankrupt.

Fully Paid Cruise Vacations

Because after all that paperwork and moving who wouldn't need a nice vacation?


Are you kidding me? One woman in Florida actually offered herself as an incentive. She hopes to marry the man who buys her home.

I don't understand why sellers just don't lower the selling price. It would seem to me that a sweet deal on a new home appears much more attractive than a marriage proposal from someone I don't know. Then again, and Audi would look quite nice in my driveway...