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Selling Your House in the Autumn

Fall is, not only right around the corner, but is also the second best time of year to sell your house! As the leaves begin to change in your neighbors yards, the for sale signs begin to pop up. Now that the kids are back in school you have plenty of time before the holidays to get your house in ship shape for the selling.

Here a few tips to make for a quick sale this autumn:

  1. Curb Appeal
    Rake up any of those dead leaves and make sure that all of your hedges are trimmed back so that they don't cover any of your windows or walkways. Place some autumn flowers strategically around the yard. Mums are always a great choice for the fall months.
  2. Clean up your windows
    Summer brings many rain storms that can leave streaks and dust on your windows. Break out the Windex and get rid of the dust, on the inside and the outside!
  3. Set the Autumn mood
    Bake some pumpkin cupcakes or snicker-doodle cookies for your guests. Place some fresh apples in a bowl in the kitchen. Add some red and orange candles around the house. Simmer a few cinnamon sticks for a potpourri. Bring the season inside of the house and add a bit of Autumn into each room.
  4. Bring in the light
    Open all of the blinds in each room, push back the drapes and let the sun shine in. This is the season when the days are getting shorter, show your potential buyer that your house still shines bright in the darkness.
  5. Parting Gift
    Offer a little something to your potential buyer to remember you by. Set out a trick or treat baskets filled with goodies for them to choose from. For those that aren't candy eaters, be sure to throw in some extra items that aren't candy, such as small tea light candles.

This is a great time of year to decorate your home for the selling. Not only can it pay off in the end, but it can be fun too!