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Selling During the Summer Months

It has been the norm that the summer months are the slow time for real estate, but not this year! "It's a phenomenal time to be a seller," says broker, Tavia Trepte from Citi Habitats.

This is a great time for selling "starter apartments". "Starter apartments" are one bedroom apartments or studio rooms. Parents of "soon-to-be" college students are looking for smaller places for their kids before the fallsemester. Most do not want to pay sky-high rent for an apartment in the city or for an on campass dorm. Larger homes are also selling for the same reasons, parents are trying to get settled and their children registered longbefore school starts for their younger children.

The best way to sell during the summer months is accent what you have that is "summery"! Do you have lots of outdoor space? Do you have a Pool? Do you have a flower garden?

Use these things as the focal point during this time of year, instead of the cozy fireplace in the den. Use the fireplace during the winter months.

In the Flower Garden

Trim up the plants, remove any dead stems or flower heads

Remove the weeds

If you have decorations in your garden, clean them up and touch up the paint. If not, add some decorations such as, wind chimes, statues and signs. Only add a few, too much can be tacky.

Around the Pool

Give the pool a good cleaning

Pressure wash the pool deck

Repair any ripped screens

Clean all the patio furniture

Clean the sliding glass doors

Outside Spaces

Mow the lawn

Touch up the paint on the fence or on the Terrace

Add some plants and decorations on the Terrace

You will also want to make sure the A/C is working perfectly. Although, this is the perfect time of year to show off an apartment with a sunny outdoor space, it's the worst time of year to show off a house with poor aircirculation. Buyers will lose interest immediately, if the house isn't nice and cool when they step inside from 90 degree summer weather.