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Sell Your House from the Front Yard to the Inside

The time has come, once again,for sellers to spruce up their yard, touch up their paint and get a head start on the "spring cleaning". This year, with the rising mortgage rates, the spring real estate buying season could either spur buyers into buying quickly or it could make this a tough season. Either way, getting ahead of the game and being prepared can help ensure a quick sell.

Below are a few simple tips for sellers to get a head start with the buyers this year.

Preparing the Lawn
When a potential home buyer comes to look at a house,the first thing they will see is the yard. After the winter season, the yard can tend to look a bit shabby. Although, there may not be much you can do about the brown grass and lack of leaves on the trees, there are a few things that you can do. Start by adding some flower pots along the driveway with colorful spring flowers, rake up the leaves in the yard and power wash the driveway. After a long colorless winter, spring flowers re a welcome sight for any buyer.

Front Porch Make Over
The next thing a potential buyer will see is the front porch. Add some colorful spring flowers to the porch, maybe a porch swing, paint the front door and some new hardware and power wash the walkway. Make sure that there are no holes in the screens and the that the screen door is working properly. If the porch does not have screens, make sure that there are no broken boards and that the wood looks clean and freshly painted or stained. You want the front porch/walkway to look inviting and ready for the new spring season and your buyers.

Inside the Home
Once the potential home buyer is inside of the home, you want the house to look bright, clean and welcoming. Start your spring cleaning by removing all the clutter and get rid of old possessions. As an aside, this will also make it easier to move. Make sure that all the curtains and blinds are open allowing all that spring time light to come inside. The winter time is dark and cold, make the inside of your light and comfortable. You want your buying visitors to stay as long as possible, giving you an opportunity to show off all that your home has to offer.

Remember the competition is tough this year, make sure your home stands out above the rest.