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3 Tips to Selling Your Home in the Winter

Selling a home in the winter months may appear to be a daunting task, but in reality it could give you an advantage over selling a home in the spring.

Below are three tips that can make selling a home in the winter a quick and easy transaction.

  1. Many winter sellers bypass listing their home on the MLS and go straight for the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) option. Since it may take a bit longer to find a buyer than it would in the Spring this strategy can help make sure that potential buyers won't think there is something wrong with the property due to the time the property has been on the market. According to Tom MacLeod, founder of PocketList a San Francisco-area service that aggregates FSBO's, "These properties are all technically for sale, but the sellers just don't want them to get stale or promote them too early on the public market."
  2. Although it may appear that selling a home in the Winter is a daunting task, winter vacation areas, such as Florida or ski resorts in the Rockies can really boom in the real estate department! Take advantage of this opportunity while "snowbirds" or "skiers" are on vacation. Find a good real estate agent that can help you in the Winter season. According to Aaron McDaniel, founder of Access Investors Network, "In the summer, agents tend to juggle more clients and properties, but in winter they will fight harder to get a deal closed."
  3. With bare trees and muddy snow in the yard, curb appeal will probably not be the selling point for your home, so spruce up the inside with the smell of baking cookies and a roaring fire. There are two sides to this coin, however, so don't over-do it with the holiday decorations. While it may help a potential buyer to envision their family having a "White Christmas" in your home, some buyers that don't celebrate that particular holiday may be turned off.

If someone is looking to purchase a home during the winter months, chances are they are serious buyer. Remember it only takes ONE serious buyer to purchase your home.