0 Congressional Avenue
0 Congressional Avenue
  1. Price: $14,900
  2. Days On Market: 334
  3. Acreage: 0.37 acres
  4. Pool: No
  5. Waterfront: No
  6. Year Built: Not Available
MLS#: 2186698
  1. County: PASCO
  2. City: Ridge Manor
  3. Zipcode: 33523
  4. Subdivision: Westlake Unit 1
  5. Elementary School: Eastside
  6. Middle School: Parrott
  7. High School: Hernando
  8. Provided by: Tropic Shores Realty LLC
A Beautiful single family building lot in a great neighborhood in ridge manor a perfect place to build your dream home a great place to raise a family and it is close to the major rds medical an [Read More]

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